This Video Marketing Outcast is about to reveal...

“How Google®, YouTube® and Video Come Together To Create the Most Explosive Lead, Sale and Profit Generating Machine Ever Witnessed Since the Early Days of the Internet”


Warning: the materials covered in this presentation can and will determine the winners of the massive shake up that is happening before your very eyes, whether you can see it or not right now…

So if you miss the good old days of the internet where everything was easy, the competition was lame or non existent and the money flowed almost too easily (or if you missed out on those days altogether), then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Here’s why:

Actually, there are 3 clear and very distinct reasons why a select few are about to be handed the keys to untold free traffic getting and wealth gathering from this very moment forward.

But first, heed my words:

“Do Not Read This Letter if You Have Moral, Ethical Or Religious Reasons Forcing You To Cower Helplessly While Someone Else Pillages Google® and YouTube® For Their Own Gain…”

Only people dead serious about accumulating far beyond average wealth and success from this very point forward should continue, as once you see the opportunities laid out in front of you, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the real deal, and you will have no excuse in the world to not drive obscene amounts of traffic to your sites and affiliate offers while filling your pockets every step of the way.



Dear Mark,

I was one of your first members in Dominating Video. I have gained the utmost respect for you, your skill set and constant over delivering.

I have been a professional for over 35 years, with a $6 million annual quota, I sold high end servers, storage and software turnkey solutions to Enterprise customers such as NASA, Boeing, Bank of America and many others. I have retired at a young age of 65 to have some fun. So, I have launched my offline (& online) IM business, helping businesses activate their Facebook Fan Pages, do mobile sites and offer apps etc. I am still getting used to being a “newbie”. What you people call “offline marketing”, I called my day job.

Your Dominating Video course was the first IM offering that seemed to offer me what I wanted in the way of very, very detailed, thorough video marketing (& countless other things) training.

Well Mark, you came thru in spades. Since I started, I have bought my boatload of WSO’s and other stuff. Nothing compares to learning from you. Now, I am on my way to becoming rich and famous (again) – all thanks to you Mark.

Oh, by the way, to anyone reading this message I say: “Stay with Mark Dulisse. Buy anything he offers. You will receive 10x what you paid for. He is really, really really good!”.

Ritch Long, Arizona


The opportunities I’m about to reveal during this presentation will not make you as a kid in a candy store, but rather an adult in a candy factory, with an industrial shovel.

Mere minutes from now, you could be picking off one incredibly lucrative target after another, using automated tools and lightning fast processes that are both easy to implement and fast to complete.

And if you think a single word I have just said sounds like hype, I can forgive you this once because of all the crap out there, but I can formally promise you that

in the next 2 minutes, you will realize something so big is happening right now that missing out on it could be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made

As I said a minute ago, these opportunities for an avalanche of profits and traffic are created by 3 factors. The combination of these has created a unique online ecosystem from which correctly equipped individuals and companies will create a windfall of abundance rarely experienced by even the most seasoned business person. Except that this is within reach of anybody with a basic command of the English language, a computer and an internet connection.

Here are those factors:

The First Factor of Unprecedented Opportunity:

Mountain View California, May 16th, 2007: Google® Issues a press release stating that they have begun the move toward universal search.

From that point forward in time, Google® search results are no longer limited to text and web pages.

That means that Google® now also ranks images, books, local search results targeted to specific geographic areas, news items, but most importantly, video. Google® is one of the smartest companies in the world. They pay big money to have some of the most decorated and academic minds on the planet figure out how to make their company better by giving people what they want when they search…

And what Google® knows is that people want video.

Every year since that critical day in 2007… Every month, every day, every minute, video has crept up in importance on the front page of Google®. To the point where today, video is inescapable. Video is not only allowed in the SERPS, it is favored in 2 very important ways.

Number 1: it is far easier to rank on the front page of Google® with video than with anything else, all mediums confounded. With little or no links at all, a video can go straight to the top of Google® in mere minutes.

Google® is experiencing a shortage of video. They have 10 of millions of hot keywords for which they would love to enrich their user experience in the serps with video. But those videos are not yet made…

Number 2: video has a huge competitive advantage in the SERPs. You all know the cliché “an image is worth a thousand words”, well that is the advantage video gives… Surely you have noticed how video in Google® result pages comes with a nice little thumbnail. This thumbnail is the most attention grabbing thing on the entire page, bar none… Meaning you might get more clicks with video in the fourth position on the page than you would with a text website in the first position.

What this means in plain simple English is that literally tens of millions of searches can be dominated with simple videos, with little to no back links AND provide a higher CTR than anything else.

The number of free visitors that can be leached out of the search engines this way, (a lot of them overnight) is almost incalculable and represents a profit opportunity greater than the Gross Domestic Product of most countries…

The Second Factor of Unprecedented Opportunity:

The Exponential Growth of YouTube®:

YouTube® as a domain name was registered in February 2005. By December of that same year when they launched officially, 8 million videos were being watched everyday.

That is mere peanuts compared to what is happening now.

YouTube® now exceeds 2 billion views per day. Every single minute, 24 hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube®, meaning that more content goes up in a single day than you could watch in 10 years of your life.

Humanity has voted, and video is the winner. Videos with millions and even tens of millions of views are not rare, they are common place.

Low quality video made by amateurs and teenagers in their mom’s basements rank on the top of Google® and get hundreds of thousands of hits to sometimes very commercial terms – without even trying.

YouTube® is now one of the world’s biggest search engines as people use it to find what they are looking for, and instead of using Google® or yahoo or Bing, they search directly on YouTube® to get the result they want: a video.

And so the person that knows how to maneuver in this environment can quickly and easily come to dominate a niche so quickly and thoroughly that the competition whips their tails between their legs and runs for the hills, not knowing what hit them.

But that is not the best part yet.

The best part is that other people have already done all the work for you

They have gathered hundreds of thousands of niches, targeted and hungry subscribers, and we have created tools to harvest those subscribers and make them your own, send them messages and get them to do what you want. And it runs on autopilot 24 hours a day, in the background on your computer.

More on this shortly, but what it means is that you can have access to millions of other people’s hot prospects at the flick of a few buttons, so that you can sell them, build a list and direct a surge of traffic in any niche, with barely ANY real work.

This is the kind of opportunity few people will ever be offered ONCE in their lifetime, and it’s ready to harness right now for the select few that are willing…

And now finally:

The Third Factor of Unprecedented Opportunity:

Video Conversions

It is no wonder that video sells and persuades better than any other medium available to mankind. After all, did television not become more popular than reading almost overnight?

And how could mere text compete with video… Does text allow you to accomplish anything close to this in just a short period of time?

Text appeals to intellect and emotion through one single medium. Your eyes read it off the page and feed it into your brain.

Video on the other hand feeds the whole human being (except maybe for smell). It has a visual aspect to keep the eyes happy, but it also has audio to engage our senses more fully.

But it doesn’t stop there. Video also persuades through tone and body language, giving the persuader access to kinesthetics or those senses that have to do with touch and feeling.

This creates a message of incomparable appeal and undeniably superior persuasion value.

Case in point, later on I will show you one specific presentation method that has made me up to and beyond $50 PER VISITOR to my websites or offer.

This is not a fluke.

On one occasion, I got under 3000 people to watch a 1h15 minute presentation. When that presentation was over, I had made over $400,000 in sales, from which I pocketed $200,000 in profit, or just under $67.5 for every person that saw that presentation.

On another occasion, this same formula was used to generate over $100,000 in the space of 16 minutes at the end of another 1h15 minute presentation. This presentation generated over $100 a click, something that a simple text letter could never achieve.

And I could go on and on, but I think it’s plainly obvious, not just from the numbers I’ve shown you here, but also from the fast that every single big internet marketing guru worth their salt has launched products where video was the main persuasion mechanism used (and in many cases the only one).

So there it is. Whether you will be one of the select few to take part of this incredible land rush is yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure…

Video is the future

And those who do not begin to make good use of it now will not be part of it…

And as I speak these words, I suspect they may bring fear to your heart and maybe even the beginning of a lump in your throat.

Because I know you’re smart and I know that deep down, you realize everything I have just said is true. You see video eating the SERPs alive everyday when you search on Google®. You know of guys making silly money playing YouTube® and you’ve seen the top sellers in the world use video to do it…

But if you’re like most people out there, you’re not sure if you can pull it off…

Yet it is upon that ability that hinges the direction your career will take in 2011: whether you will once again spin your wheels , settle for second best and be again left behind. Or whether you will be the outlier, the result getting leader finally picking up a new trend at the right time and riding it into the sunset…

After all…

Who wants to be on camera? People make fun of my hair and this is NOT what I had in mind when I set out to make money online (it was supposed to make my life easier)

What about blank page syndrome, how do you know what to say so you don’t end up looking like a fool?

And what about expenses and time. Doesn’t video require all this fancy equipment like expensive cameras, lighting equipment, microphones, complicated editing software that costs a fortune and requires a PHD to understand?

You can’t imagine adding more tech hassle to the already steaming hot pile…

And wouldn’t all that together mean that video is slow and painful?

And what if you don’t have a product or something to sell right now?

Well let me tell you 2 things:

First of all, those are the very reasons that almost stopped me from getting into this and pocketing the millions I was able to pocket because of it.

Secondly, as I discovered for myself, absolutely NONE of those reasons were actually valid…

And so right now, all I can tell you is don’t despair, because you CAN do this and you CAN be part of the land rush happening right now.

Not only that but it won’t be anywhere close to the amount of work and learning you might expect from something this worthwhile.

In fact, it will immediately allow you to work less, work faster and drive more traffic and sales…

Let’s revisit these myths for a second.

Being on camera:

I love this one because I discovered some methods of making video that work BETTER than live video for sales and persuasion.

And the fact of the matter is this method is the easiest persuasion formula I have ever discovered. It works in all niches me and my partners have tried it in, and it involves simply putting words onto slides and reading the words off those slides…

In fact, using just this method, I was able to out convert the text version by 100% or more, every single time…

And about not knowing what to say, this will take care of that issue for you forever. See I have very simple template based formulas that will pull the words out of you before you even know it. These things write themselves and…

“You NEED to Know What to Say if You Are Going to Make Money in Any Business”

I think that is plain obvious. What is not obvious is doing it when you don’t have the formula. When you do, this actually becomes one of the easiest and most fun parts of the entire process.

But what about expensive stuff. News flash. The top sellers online, us included, use a cheap flip cam that costs less than $200 as well as the built-in microphone.

Everything else is recorded directly from the computer (some on PC, some on Mac, but all could be done on either of those) either with the software that comes with it out of the factory, or again with cheap stuff you can buy online for under $200. (and there are free versions available)

But what about time? Listen, I’ll come clean. If you want to make super mega fancy videos that will win you an Oscar, then it does take time.

And I can tell you right now, if that’s why you came to this page, then you might as well leave right now because I can’t deliver on that promise.

The promise I can deliver on is this:

I can show you how to make videos in a matter of minutes or hours (depending on the goal of the video in question) that will out convert any written or other material and be done faster.

These videos will position you as a credible expert, impress your prospects, push their hot buttons and make them take action to get on your list, buy your stuff or your affiliate products.

You will make them quickly and easily and in fact, the greatest danger is that you will think what I have given you is TOO EASY. Do not change a thing. There is nothing wrong with easy…

You can certainly do things the hard way and spend $200k or more going to film school. Or you can just…

“use our marketing and sales oriented shortcuts to produce pieces that cram your accounts with cash”

… without requiring anything fancy or time consuming. I do not particularly enjoy working, and so the more I can get done in the smallest time possible, the happier I am. These formulas are made to pass the benefits on to you.

And lastly about having nothing to sell…

Well 2 things:

One: you don’t have to sell your own stuff, you can just direct the traffic to a CPA offer or an affiliate link, or an opt-in form or whatever the heck you pls.

And if you DID want to start selling your stuff, video not only makes the most desirable product offerings for your prospect, but it also makes it far cheaper and faster for you to be up and running with your first product (we show you this in the course).

So here is the bottom line:

None of the above should even register on your radar when you try to imagine yourself in the future taking advantage of all the competition destroying and profit driving benefits of using video…

You don’t have to look at the SERPs everyday and wonder how those thumbnails and videos got there and yet again put a cross on your advancement when you think “I can’t do that”

Never more will you settle for inferior conversions when just a handful of targeted prospects could make you obscenely rich.

And at last, you will be able to drive straight into the huge cash mountain that is YouTube®, and bring home as much as you want with cutting edge tools and software…

Video is the future. A future richer and more abundant than your wildest dreams. One with more prospects, higher conversions and greater speed and ease you would ever have thought possible.

And even if you’ve tried and failed before, now that future can be yours too…

It’s with Great Pride and Anticipation that I Introduce to you

"Dominating Video"

A 3 section course with Software, Training and Coaching so you can make the most of the massive video shakedown.

This product is owned by Mark Dulisse, the most hated man in SEO…

This is a man who is the embodiment of straight talk. He is the worst enemy of the scam selling gurus and their rehashed products. I have personally seen threats issued against him as his no holds barred nature and cutting edge tactics threaten the livelihood of these so-called teachers…

This is a man who doesn’t understand how to hold back, and that’s why Dominating Video is the most intense…

Undiluted “Everything Goes” Blueprint of Total Domination

If you like knowing you got the whole truth and nothing but, then this will be a breath of fresh air…

So let’s talk about what’s inside and how it will immediately put at your finger tips methods so powerful you might be tempted to take everything else you ever bought about traffic and conversions, crumple it into a big ball, douse it in gasoline and send it up in smoke…

This course is huge and does not leave out a single component. I will move fast and touch all the most important points…

There are 5 modules to the course, 3 software components and several coaching components so that you can have the real experts practically on-call for YOUR business…



Hi Mark,

I came to DV as a technoidiot. I had developed my own product and want to sell it on the Internet but all I had managed to do in over a year was build a rubbishy website that was ranked, at its peak on page 13 for my keyword phrase.

I have used WordPress to build a new site from DV WordPress training. I have optimised the site as per instructions. I have created a You Tube account but have only made 1 video (the long school holidays here in summer time in New Zealand shortened the working day!) and that is the one external link I have made.

But this site is so well optimised it is on page 1 of Bing, MSN and Yahoo and is at the top of page 2 of Google even without any external links. I know it will take very little now to push it right to the top of page 1 for a keyword that has over 4000 searches per month and is specifically targeted to sell my product.

Thanks to the training at DV I know that my next step is to build a sales funnel on a sub domain and then after that to build links to that. For the first time I fully understand the sales process and how to implement it.

The DV training is so specific and of such high quality the only reason to fail is if you don’t follow the training or try to cut corners. Nobody says it is not hard work but at least you are rewarded with results…

As the site is constantly updated with new training I will never catch up with it all and so DV is the ultimate package that will last an Internet marketing life.

In summary it is easy enough for a newbie to follow but has training going all the way up that everyone will learn loads from it.

Thanks seems not enough but it is all I can say!


PS Awesome support as well.



The entire thing is specifically designed to show you exactly how to profit from the 3 Factors of Unprecedented Opportunity Named above:

Module 1 is your introduction to Video Marketing and the marketplace as it stands.

Imagine for a minute you are an adventurer about to go unearth a worldly treasure and this is the orientation session where you get the road map, things to watch out for, the tools you will need on your journey and a team of guides to assist you on your way. That is what we cover in this section.

This is to prepare you to jump into this massive opportunity so you can hit the ground running and start profiting immediately without being over your head or feeling for a single moment that you don’t understand.

Module 2 is a big fat technical module:

Before you can sucks oodles of traffic out of YouTube®, plaster your sites all over the front page of Google® and convert like a rock-star, you need to be able to produce video.

That is what this module covers in great all en-compassing detail.

There are over 100 short to the point videos in this module. There is more than enough to make any kind of video you could ever imagine, from totally animated flash videos to live video to screen capture and power point style videos, both on mac and pc, both with paid tools and free tools that we show you both where to acquire and how to use.

Remember that to fish in this massive pool of hot prospects, the price of entry is the right bait, and that bait is videos. In this module, you will learn to create video quickly and painlessly: Here is what we cover in 2 sections:

Video Content Creation:

  • Astoundingly in depth Camtasia training
  • Screen-flow training
  • How to go from camcorder to online video
  • Animoto training
  • PowerPoint and Keynote training so you can make killer slides no matter what computer platform you prefer
  • Audio training, like where to get free or paid tracks and how to use them (so much easier than you ever imagine, this is drag and drop stuff)
  • Pulling it all together with images, audio voice, video clips, captions and music

Getting Video Online:

  • Server and hosting stuff
  • Amazon S3 training (cheap fast reliable video hosting)
  • Other hosting services
  • How to protect your content
  • Getting your videos into your sites no matter what type of site you are using
  • Using video sharing sites

Here is the bottom line here:

We will show you the simple formulas we use so that you can create your videos plenty good and do so fast, without headache. You need this to tap into the huge cash mountain, and we’ll talk about doing that right now.

Module 3 is about Video Marketing:

This is where the magic begins to happen, and I expect you will get more and more excited now with each module as these hold cash pulling and ranking dominating secrets the likes of which have never been revealed anywhere period.

Here are the different subsections of this module:

Script Writing How-Tos:

  • Exactly how to write scripts for massive conversions. In this section, I will show you 3 sales video writing formulas that have been responsible for increases in conversions of over 100% every time.
  • You will be able to out convert some of the top copywriters in the world using this, even if you have no experience
  • These techniques get several dollars a click on most offers, meaning your traffic will never have been so well monetized…
  • And these techniques are fast. The competition will take its first hard beating here.

How to on other types of video marketing including:

  • Branding
  • Lead generation
  • Video for SEO purposes
  • E-Commerce videos
  • Reputation Management
  • Mass Control Influence

And we will also cover the ninja tricks of advanced video marketing and give you the tools to do it, right out of the box:

  • Inserting an order button or opt-in form directly in a video
  • Hidden order button script to make the order button pop up only when you are ready (hint, this can increase conversions by up to 300% alone)
  • Pop-up inserts in the video and exit pop-up script to maximize traffic

This module, in short, shows you how video fits into your business and makes it easy for you to gain the benefits of it. This alone would make a huge difference, and if we stopped here, we would have covered just about what other video marketing courses out there have to offer.

Module 4, video SEO: This is where Dominating Video Makes a Radical Turn…

I told you earlier on that Mark Dulisse was the most hated man in SEO… But not everybody hates him. The SEO guys are the haters because… they just can’t keep up.

His clients and customers absolutely RAVE about him though, because of the crushing results his tactics and software provide for them, almost too easily…

Video sitemap plugin
(the magical piece of software that gets your videos on the front page of Google®)


You simply install this thing and your existing videos (if you have some) will immediately get noticed (like pop right onto the first page of Google® almost instantly) and your new videos will do the same. You get the software and the how to use it guide. And you also get the XML version for static sites. ( as soon as Mark released this, the big guys tried to yank it out of his hands)

This one thing alone is enough to make you a comfortable living if you do NOTHING else with the entire course and ONLY use this one strategy, so if you are just after a couple extra thousand dollars a month, you can skip everything else, use only this and it will provide it for you (and with the bonus ill show you later, you will have more than enough targets to never run out of profit opportunities)

This module also includes 10 tips for getting your video on the front page of Google®. Many of these tricks have never been revealed before.

Including the Top Secret Trick Discovered by Mark That Allows You to Almost ALWAYS Get a Double Listing for Your Videos on Google®

Mark was offered thousands of dollars for this trick alone and never released it before, this is the first time someone other than Mark will have this in their hands…

We also cover video back-linking, viral video syndication & RSS, permalink structure and how to combine video and text for best results.

In short, this module will show you how to dominate the front page of Google® with not just one but TWO videos you own and fully control so that you can suck obscene amounts of traffic from Google® on terms sometimes so competitive, they would take years to rank for with traditional SEO… And now you can do it practically over night, even for high competition keywords in weight loss, finance, real estate, you name it… I will tell you right now, if you get in on this today, it is TOO EASY. This is gold rush style territory, Get in on it right now and thank me later.

Module 5 is Video Traffic:

Here, we show you how to get more traffic than anybody else is getting through any of the traditional methods like PPC, PPV, article writing, media buys and all that good stuff (and keep in mind, we’re talking strictly free traffic here).

This is where you need to seriously consider upgrading to a bigger server because these tactics will take you half way to melting the thing like Swiss cheese under the broiler. You will discover:

  • How to maximize Google® Video SERP Traffic
  • Instant Social Media Video Traffic (Twitter Video, Facebook Video, et al)
  • Yahoo Video Traffic
  • Email Marketing Videos
  • YouTube® Traffic: Getting your YouTube® Video to top of Google®‘s SERPs
  • How to get Traffic from Other Video Sharing Sites

Module 6: YouTube® Blitz

If your sever is still alive by now, it is about to face the biggest challenge of it’s life…

I mentioned earlier on that YouTube® gets over 2 billion hits a day.

I also said that YouTube® marketing is now ruled by total amateurs who do so almost accidentally.

The pile of cash waiting for the savvy and equipped marketer is staggering. You can literally dig in as far and deep as your greedy little heart desires.

I’m not saying that lightly. See not only will we provide you with the How-to, but we will also give you…

a tool so powerful, it will literally change the internet

… and the way that marketers exploit it for gain.

First let me tell you about the information we will provide you with, then I’ll tell you about the tool. I’ll even run a live demo for you, and in 30 seconds flat, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, the power you are about to experience.

Just go to YouTube® on any given day, and run a search for a popular term. Just about anything mildly interesting to anybody will do.

You will then get a page full of results for that term. You will notice that the top videos on the page often have hundreds of thousands of views and even millions. Right then and there, you know there is a hungry audience for that niche…

Then click on the username of the person who uploaded some of the top videos.

You will see that many times they have thousands if not tens of thousands of subscribers.

And we have developed a way to add those subscribers to our accounts through software that runs in the background of your computer 24 hours a day.

More on this in a second, first the basics:

Here is what you need to do first before you can hack into a cash pile bigger than fort Knox:

8 Tips To Build YouTube® Channels And Gain A Massive Following

(I say channels because this takes minutes to set up and each channel multiplies your income exponentially)

  • How To Upload and Label a video
  • Creating a Channel
  • Grabbing Channel Lists
  • Setting Up A Flash Ad
  • Annotations (that get people out of the video and onto your site or affiliate link)
  • The Process For Video Responses
  • Getting Friends Automatically
  • Video View Count (how to increase this, and this gets you to the top of YouTube®)
  • How To Get More Hits On YouTube® With Little Trick
  • YouTube® Shadowing (how to get related to a popular video to leach mad targeted traffic from somebody else’s channels and videos)
  • How to do a video response to someone’s video to increase your view count
  • How to create a channel play list,and why it is so important for you and your videos
  • A little known method to get views

Why such a focus on views? Because if you can get views to your video, then it will outrank other videos and be featured in YouTube®, meaning you will get the traffic for the terms you select while others fight for crumbs.

Now let me show you how you can make as much money as the highest paid CEOs using just this information and TubeFool, the premium YouTube® marketing automator we have created specifically for this purpose…

TubeFool can do the following things:

Gather subscribers and friends from other YouTube® users giving you instant access to hundreds of thousands if not millions of targeted prospects in your niche.

Contact these friends and subscribers to rate your videos, watch them, become your friends and subscribers, aka, like a big fat juicy list, but created practically on autopilot. EACH account allows you the following limitations daily, these are set by YouTube®, not us…

  • 960 friend requests per day
  • 360 messages sent per day
  • 720 videos shared with an other use per day
  • 360 comments posted per day

Remember that TubeFool does all of these automatically.

So the way you use it is this.

First up, you load it with 100 thousand or more of other people’s friends and subscribers (this is done by clicking 2 buttons, nothing more)

Then you set it to send friend requests to every one of those people. As you know, it will now send requests to 960 people from that list every day, allowing you the possibility to add 960 new friends to your channel every 24 hours.

Let this run in the background until you have collected several thousand friends and or subscribers (and then let it run until its contacted every person on your list).

Voila, you can now automatically market to your friends by sending them automated messages or even sending them your latest videos directly in their YouTube® inbox… Let’s see how this adds up for ONE account:


  • 960 friend requests
  • 360 messages sent
  • 720 videos shared

  • 9600 friend requests
  • 3600 messages sent
  • 7200 videos shared
100 DAYS

  • 96000 friend requests
  • 36000 messages sent
  • 72000 videos shared

I think by now you understand the power of this thing.

But wait. You can run more than one account SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Meaning you could just as well multiply that figure by 5 or 10 or whatever you want…

Meaning you could have MILLIONS of people you can contact easily, everyday through automated messages with software that runs in the background on your computer.

It does not get any more lucrative or passive income generating than this.

This tool alone could be sold for thousands of dollars and still be way under-priced…

As you can see, Dominating Video is a Monster of a Course, and even a tiny fraction of it could be enough to completely change your outcome.

But the entire thing can and will put you light-years ahead of the competition and end forever the struggle for something that works as described to finally be able to enjoy what you got into Internet Marketing for in the first place: less work and more money, and all the good stuff that comes with that, like long expensive vacations, time with loved ones, a comfortable and beautiful home and a big car, but more importantly, time and financial freedom and all the nice things that, at the end of the day, matter most.

Here is a Clear and Concise Breakdown of What You Get When You Order Dominating Video Today:

Yes, there is more than what I have named above, but since this product is OOZING with cash pulling secrets and methods, I can’t share them all here…

Component 1: the core course modules composed of hundreds of clearly marked videos and several accompanying PDFs: Value $1997

Component 2: XML video site map and Google® Video site map software: sold for $194

Component 3: TubeFool Software Training with unlimited access This alone is worth over $2997

Component 4: You will also get a professional video graphics pack with over 6,000 professional grade order buttons, bullets, and everything else that spruces up visuals in a flash: value $100

Component 5: You also get 30 professional video backgrounds (plug and play for fancy effects) Value: $100

Component 6: 5 professional custom animations (the movie trailer style ones) Value $297

Component 7: 7 webinars of 90 minute each with the who’s who of video marketing. This includes Colin Theriot, the underground conversion master behind some of the biggest internet marketing launches of all times (you would recognize the names of all of these).

Gopal Krishnan, one of the most in demand direct response video creators of all times with over 100 corporate clients served (this call alone is worth over $1000).

Alen Sultanic, the wizard behind some of the highest converting sales videos ever written…

And 4 more experts so secretive and exclusive I can’t even name them here…

These calls will be held live so you can ask questions at the end and talk to the experts directly. Recordings will be available for those who can’t make it live.

Value: I want to say priceless, because the amount of million dollar insider morsels you will get from this is astounding, but at least: $2997

Component 8: Video Product Creation Training: This is a 3 hour crash course on how to create your high value video product to sell as your own. Value: $197

Component 9: The Breakdown of this launch, including every email sent, every slide created, every thought that went through my head. I will walk you through everything and why and how I did it. Many gurus have told me they will buy the course just to get access to this. Smart cookies. Value: $997

Component 10: Video and Business Review:

Mark will personally do video and business reviews for members. We will do these regularly so you can get the top pros in the world to give you feedback where you need it most.

I charge over $1k / hour for consulting and turn down nearly everybody that applies. A 20 minute conversation with me has created more 6 figure success stories than just about anything else. Here is what just one of them said in the understatement of the year after talking to me for just 10 minutes and implementing what I said:

“Over $500,000+ in sales later I think I owe you a beer.” Michael Williamson

Value: $997

But that’s not all, I’m also including 2 bonuses that will both provide you with some of the most powerful marketing tactics known to man.

Bonus 1: My keyword list

Remember how I told you you could use the sitemaps and Google® front page domination training alone to fill your pockets to the brim?

Well here is what I did to make sure you could do that.

First I bought a keyword list of the 100k most searched keywords online (those with the most traffic). Then I hired a programmer to build script and go and check on Google® each one of those keywords for which a video appears on the front page of Google®.

This returned a list of just 19,417 keywords, which are the most searched keywords in the world for which video appears on the first page.

That list contains exactly 19,417 golden targets ripe for the taking, meaning you will never run out of new profit opportunities, and with the tools and training you will have access to, the videos ranking right now will not stand a chance.

This bonus is worth easily $1997 as a single keyword on that list could make you more than that.

Bonus 2: My most coveted presentation secrets

This is how I get up to $50 per visitor or more. I have done this over the internet, through email and even live on stage, and every single time, I have made more money per person watching it than most people make PER SALE of their product or affiliate stuff.

On two occasions this year, I have hit $100k dollar earned in 20 minutes using this method. Nobody does it better than me. People have begged me for this training, big name people…

I will deliver this to you on a live call during your training. (the replay will be available if you can’t make it live)

I have made up to $5,000 per minute using this formula. Value: at least $997

Ok, I’ll stop here, but take my word for it, there is more waiting for you in the member area…

Let’s Recap and Talk Price Shall We?

Component 1: Core course with 6 modules and hundreds of videos: $1997

Component 2: XML video site map and Google® Video site map software: sold for $194

Component 3: The TubeFool Software Power Training with unlimited access. $2997

Component 4: 6,000 professional grade graphics pack: $100

Component 5: 30 professional video backgrounds: $100

Component 6: professional animations: $297

Component 7: 7 expert webinars: $2997

Component 8: Crash course on video product creation: $297

Component 9: This Launch Broken Down by me, piece by piece: $997

Component 10: Video and business Review: $997

Bonus 1: Top Video Keyword List: $1997

Bonus 2: Presentation Conversion Formula: $997

Grand TOTAL: $13,967

And I believe in the right hands, it could be worth 10 or 100 times that.

But I didn’t create this to taunt you with another game changer priced out of your range.

And I’m no fool, I know Christmas is around the corner and money is important right now (isn’t it always)…

But I will also tell you this:

This course is likely to create a greater number of millionaires than all my prior courses combined

And it is so under-priced that the pitifully small reserve of 1000 copies is likely to be reached before 90% of the market can even see this page…

It’s first come, first served.

So, down to brass tacks: It’s not, $13,967, nor is it $9997

And its not $4997 nor $1997 (that would be more than justified: other premium video marketing courses with half the training and software are priced at this)

The price is just $997.

But, as this is the first time this product is available on the market and we have very few user testimonials…

I Will Do One Final Price Knock Down as a Bribe, Since You’re Already a TubeFool Owner…

Since you’re already the proud owner of the TubeFool software, I’m going to cut you a real deal on getting in the doors of Dominating Video

As long as you promise to use the course materials and software to massively pillage Google® and YouTube® and out-convert your competition by a country mile, creating massive financial windfalls for yourself AND will send me either an email or short video testimonial telling us what results you have been able to achieve…

Then I will knock off another $700.

Meaning you can claim everything I have just discussed for only $497.

So go ahead, click the big orange add to cart button below. Go to our secure, risk free acceptance form and fill in your details.

You will instantly have access to the member area.

The vast majority of everything I have discussed with you is there and waiting for you, including the software and domination training and the keywords and more…

Some of the live calls and extras will be added to the course as we go along. You will be kept informed every step of the way.

And of course you will risk nothing.

But before I tell you about our no questions asked money back guarantee, let me tell you something that will likely bring you relief…

This is a ONE TIME PAYMENT, one time only.

There are no continuity aspects. You never pay another cent.

There are no up-sells, no cross-sells, no down-sells. Once you submit your order, you go to the member area and enjoy your stuff, period.

So go ahead, place your order right now…



Remember that you are covered by our 30 day, 100% , no questions asked money back guarantee. As the cleverly chosen name indicates, you have a full 30 days from your purchase to have access to the course, the software, the templates and keywords, the reviews and bonuses AND all the live aspects of the course.

Try it for yourself. Run the thing 24 hours a day. Refuse to take prisoners and stuff your accounts so full of cash you don’t know what to do with it all.

You have a full 30 days, download, watch, pillage as much as you want. And if you’re not happy… No if you’re not thrilled at the income you are making and the massive opportunities this will open for you in the end of 2010 and all of 2011, then just send us a single email asking for your money back.

You don’t need to call us, send anything back or squirm around, just one email, that’s it. The risk is on us to deliver. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay, period.



That said, this is the most blindingly valuable assortment of software, training and coaching you could ever get your hands on.

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I’ve shown you that video is cheap, fast and effective.

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I’ve exposed to you the massive shakeout created by Video in Google® search results pages and shown you how you can use this unique situation to divert huge piles of visitors to your sites and offers and huge piles of cash too.

I’ve exposed to you our YouTube® tool suite and shown you clearly how you could use it to build contacts in the hundreds of thousands or millions on autopilot, and how that could translate to getting paid like a CEO…

I’ve laid on the bonuses including the very best and most exclusive secrets I have ever gathered in over 5 years of earning millions online…

I’ve laid out $13,967 dollars worth of our very best software, tools, training and coaching, and not only have I slashed the price down to just $497, but we are also covering you with our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

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We can only work with 1000 people and that limit will be reached very fast indeed. Those 1000 people will step into a new reality.

One far more abundant and friendly than the one they are experiencing right now.

Because Dominating Video CAN and DOES deliver, and even over deliver at that.

Listen, maybe you have a business right now making you money. And maybe you just want these tricks to double your conversion rate, get you more traffic and automate your income so you can make more and work less. Maybe you don’t have a business at all and are just getting started in internet marketing or you’ve tried other stuff before and it didn’t work.

Maybe you just want to make an extra $1000 dollars a month, and that’s ok, though we have provided you with the tools and knowledge to make 100 times that.

The bottom line is this:

If you want to work less and make more, you need the cutting edge tactics laid out in this program.

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But I can tell you what is bound to happen if you don’t.

What happens is that nothing changes. You continue to stare enviously at the successful, wondering when your turn will come.

You continue to think that the best years of the internet are behind and that you missed out.

You continue to struggle in a market place filled with liars and scammers that would say anything to make a buck, not knowing what’s the gold you need to listen to and what’s the garbage that wastes your time and money…

P.P.S. Right now, you can put an end to that forever. You can turn over a new leaf and start doing the things that actually matter. Start using the most advanced profit generating tools and tactics known to the net.

And it’s easy and risk free, just go to the secure risk free acceptance form and place your order right now.

Once you have done that, you will come straight into the member area… and with every minute you spend there, the feeling will dawn on you that “this is it”, your search is over. Your worries are behind you, because now, you are confident and you know :“this is it”.


Dear Mark,

Mark, thank you..

You have over delivered by the way. Dont know how you do it with the little ones at home!

I got 100 views on one video in one day sent through tube fool..had mainly been using it to find friends etc.. but feel sending the video may get quicker results..??!



All you have to do is join us. Place your order now. I’m Mark Dulisse, “may the profits come fast and hard, thanks for reading, see you on the other side!”


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